“For the LORD heareth the poor, and despiseth not his prisoners.” Psalm 69:33


BTS Ministries was started by Bryan and Tia Swinford officially at the beginning of 2014, and has grown into church, children group home, and prison evangelism. We have both been through addiction, and incarceration. We have witnessed the struggles that so many face going back and forth between jail and the streets. Additionally, Tia has overcome the effects of abuse and other challenges in her background that the Lord is using to help other women break free from low self-esteem, and from negative thinking patterns, to identify themselves as God’s daughters, loved by the Father in heaven, and worth dying for by Christ on the cross.

BTS Ministries began as a mailing list to men and women incarcerated in Ohio, and has evolved into a full evangelistic mission to Ohio’s prisons. We want them to be equipped for their reentry into society. The challenges our society faces are enormous, it takes small ministries like ours to make a difference. It takes the support of the entire body of Christ to keep us going. We have been blessed with 3-years of service and pray to serve the Lord for many more. The efforts in the prison system are teach Jesus and salvation to prisoners, fight the good fight against recidivism, and prove the power of our God through the blood of our Saviour.

BTS Ministries also aims to get youths involved in these efforts in hopes of molding the future missionaries of tomorrow. Together we can make a difference. This blog is devoted to sharing our faith, our doctrine, our purpose. As we have something to share, whether it be a devotional, or a praise report, we will post it. Thank you for checking us out. May God’s love and grace abound enormously in your life.

God Bless,


BTS Ministries